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Bio's of the Hosts

Learn about us. Like you care. Seriously.

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Name: AJ
Favorite music: Me and Him, Linkin Park, Jim Gaffigan
Hobbies: Flying to New Hampshire, holding together various electronics with ducktape and prayers, ignoring TWO websites that haven't started yet
A detail:  A supporting DJ and webmaster of K-YAM. He will manage the Daily Rant and the Word of the Day sections of the show.
Stats: Shin kicking +10, computer hacking +5, your mother +1,000,000


Name: Nick
Favorite music: KrispyKon, Me and Him, Blur, Radiohead, Gorillaz
Hobbies: Music production, video production, updating a website that hasn't started yet
A detail: The main DJ and webmaster of K-YAM. Also the head of Frostbite Studios. Woot!
Stats: Heat resistance +5, sense of smell -5, raising one eyebrow at a time +10


Name: Chris
Favorite music: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hobbies: WoW
A detail: Our favorite videogame fanatic and lounger, he likes to record himself doing random stuff. And then we like to air it.
Stats: Video games +10, bass guitar +5, food -15

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